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We invite you to explore our ministries and find your place in our faith community. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, there’s a ministry here for you. Join us in our mission to grow in faith, serve with love, and make a positive impact on the world.

Children’s Ministry Team

Our Mission: To bring children to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at the earliest age possible, empowering them to believe and live in the unlimited abundance of God, both now and forever.  Also, to assist in helping each child to understand the word of God and the fullness of Jesus Christ!

First Touch Ministry Team/Greeters

Mission: To make a first impression to remember for a lifetime! Making a first impression only happens once. To make a great first impression, LAM will demonstrate a friendly, warm, helpful, and Christ-like welcome to every person entering God’s house.

Culinary Arts Ministry

Our Mission: To assist the church in determining its need for food services and to administer its food service program effectively. Ensure quality meals at an economic price. Responsible for the ordering, preparation, and serving of all food related functions of Life Abundant Ministries.

Evangelism Ministry Team

To evangelize our community, state, country, and world through proclaiming the Word of God and calls people everywhere to respond to Jesus Christ through faith. This ministry team will enhance and enrich the ministry of evangelism in the life and mission of the people of God.

Music Ministry Team

A funeral service is often held at the church of the deceased with a public viewing before the church service.


Our Mission: To represent Christ to all that come to worship at the Church. In a sense, they serve as the host into the sanctuary, in which we gather as a body seeking after God’s word. Standing in place to aid and assist persons throughout the service.

Intercessory Ministry Team

Mission: The Intercessory Ministry’s purpose is to wage war in the spirit realm.  Undergirds prayer for all ministries and members of Life Abundant Ministry. We desire that we pray earnestly for the will of the Lord for our Families, Church, Community, Government and Nations.

Men’s Ministry

Mission: To minister to the need of men both young and old, for the purpose of developing strong men in the body of Christ. To reach the total man and extend ministering to the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Women's Ministry

Our Mission: Women’s Ministries seeks to assist the church in equipping women to meet the spiritual, relational, and short-term emergency needs of women and their families who are a part of Life Abundant Ministries.

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